8 Health Benefits of Coconut Water

Coconut Water

In recent years, coconut water has earned a reputation not only as a delicious, natural drink, but also one with many nutritional advantages. Though researchers continue to gather data to confirm the actual health properties of coconut water, medical professionals today readily point to the many ways people can benefit from this wonder juice.

What is coconut water?

As a tropical fruit, the coconut is primarily known for what’s inside it. For example, the meat can be eaten as a snack or dessert as soon as the shell has been opened, or dried and prepared for later use in recipes. On the other hand, the liquid component – which is commercially sold by coconut water suppliers in the Philippines – has become popular as a flavorful health drink, whether it’s enjoyed poolside at hotel resorts or in bottled form bought from a grocery store.

From a nutritional standpoint, coconut water is made up of approximately 95 percent water and small amounts of carbohydrates, fiber, and protein. It also has vitamins and minerals— such as Vitamins C and B6, potassium, magnesium, sodium, iron, and calcium, among many others— which together help provide a needed boost to a person’s body.

Here are 8 health benefits that can be derived from coconut water.

  1. A healthier, stronger heart

Coconut water can be good for a person­’s heart because of the way it can manage and lower cholesterol levels. As a result, the heart gets stronger and healthier, reducing the chances of a heart attack or stroke.

  1. Improved weight
    For people who are interested in losing weight, coconut water can help due to its ability to improve the body’s metabolism rate. Not only that, but coconut water has zero fat and drinking it can also control hunger.
  2. A more hydrated body

Everyone knows the importance of keeping hydrated, especially after strenuous exercise. Coconut water is an ideal choice to do just that due to the vitamins and minerals found in it, which collectively serve as electrolytes to replenish and balance the body’s water level.

  1. Diabetes management
    For diabetics who have trouble with their food and calorie intake, drinking coconut water can help manage sugar levels. Coconut water has no sugar and has been proven to help control glucose levels. There’s also the fact that coconut water is a low-calorie liquid with high nutritional value, making it an excellent option for helping manage diabetes.
  2. Better digestive system
    Coconut water has been shown to effectively manage a number of digestive ailments, such as diarrhea, gas, and vomiting.
  3. Antioxidant effects
    When coconut water is consumed on a regular basis, it can lead to healthier skin because of antioxidants that combat the body’s natural toxins. Moreover, coconut water also contains cytokines that possess natural moisturizing elements to help restore damaged skin cells, as well as prevent skin irritation and premature wrinkles.
  4. Lower blood pressure

Nutritional experts often suggest incorporating coconut water into a person’s diet as a way to manage hypertension, also known as high blood pressure. The electrolytes and other nutrients found in coconut water can be effective in alleviating hypertension and improving overall cardiovascular health.

  1. Reduced cholesterol
    The compounds in coconut water have been credited with decreasing high cholesterol due to increased levels of low-density lipoprotein, or LDLs. Conversely, coconut water has been shown to increase the level of “good” cholesterol—high-density lipoprotein, or HDL—in the body. Because of its effectiveness in managing cholesterol, coconut water is often recommended as a viable supplement for maintaining overall health.

Additionally, coconut water is said to provide health benefits to expectant mothers and those with urinary disorders. It may even help treat cancer and stave off infections. Consulting a doctor or medical professional is highly recommended prior to consuming coconut water as a way to treat an ailment and manage overall health.

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